Vol 19 (2016)

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Pollination ecology of Desmodium setigerum (Fabaceae) in Uganda; do big bees do it better? PDF
Dara Stanley, Mark Otieno, Karin Steijven, Tiina Piironen, Pat Willmer, Clive Nuttman
Pollen Removal and Deposition by Pollen- and Nectar-Collecting Specialist and Generalist Bee Visitors to Iliamna bakeri (Malvaceae) PDF
Vince Tepedino, Laura Arneson Horn, Susan Durham
Comparative floral ecology of bicolor and concolor morphs of Viola pedata (Violaceae) following controlled burns PDF
Peter Bernhardt, Retha Edens-Meier, Dowen Jocson, Justin Zweck, Zong-Xin Ren, Gerardo R. Camilo, Michael Arduser
Pollination ecology of Oreocallis grandiflora (Proteaceae) at the northern and southern ends of its geographic range PDF
Jenny Hazlehurst, Santiago Cardenas, Boris Tinoco, Jordan Karubian
Floral longevity, nectar production, pollen release, and stigma receptivity in Haskap (Lonicera caerulea) PDF
Sandra Danae Frier, Christopher M. Somers, Cory S. Sheffield

Short Communications

Insect pollinators boost the market price of culturally important crops: holly, mistletoe and the spirit of Christmas PDF
Jeff Ollerton, James R. Rouquette, Tom D. Breeze
Specialized and facultative nectar-feeding bats have different effects on pollination networks in mixed fruit orchards, in Southern Thailand PDF
Tuanjit Sritongchuay, Sara Bumrungsri
Production of floral morphs in cleistogamous Ruellia brevifolia (Pohl) C. Ezcurra (Acanthaceae) at different levels of water availability PDF
Amanda Soares Miranda, Milene Faria Vieira

Opinion papers

Criticism mismatched: Response to de Keyzer et al. 2016 PDF
Nicole Miller-Struttmann, Jennifer C. Geib, Candace Galen

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