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  • James Thomson University of Toronto



Although still young, the Journal of Pollination Ecology has established itself as a successful and vital conduit for research results, methodological advances, and—to some extent—opinion pierces concerning the diverse field of pollination biology.  In a sense, it has been too successful, because the founding Editor-in-Chief, Carolin Mayer, has decided that she needs assistance in handling the increased volume of submissions and associated tasks.  After deliberating, the board members of JPE have opted to try a new arrangement.  I have accepted their invitation to join the effort as Editor-in-Chief, while Carolin’s title will switch to Managing Editor.   She will retain responsibility for the essential operation and production of the journal, while I will take on ultimate responsibility for evaluating submissions, finding reviewers, and establishing the content of the journal.  Of course, I will depend heavily on the Associate Editors in this effort.

Author Biography

James Thomson, University of Toronto

Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology




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Thomson, J. (2017). To the readers of JPE. Journal of Pollination Ecology, 20, 60–61.



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