Vol 12 (2014)

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Priorities for Research and Development in the Management of Pollination Services for Agricultural Development in Africa PDF
Barbara Gemmill-Herren, Peter Kwapong Kwapong, Kwame Aidoo, Dino Martins, Wanja Kinuthia, Mary Gikungu, Connal Desmond Eardley
Stimulation of flower nectar replenishment by removal: A survey of eleven animal-pollinated plant species PDF
Elaine Y Luo, Jane Elizabeth Ogilvie, James D Thomson
A test of density-dependent pollination within three populations of endangered Pentachaeta lyonii PDF
Jocelyn R. Holt, Paul Wilson, Christy A. Brigham

Short Communications

Floral scent and pollinators of the holoparasite Pilostyles thurberi (Apodanthaceae) PDF
Sedonia D Sipes, Kara E. Huff Hartz, Hardik Amin, Daniel L. Nickrent


Flies and Flowers II: Floral Attractants and Rewards PDF
Thomas S. Woodcock, Brendon M.H. Larson, Peter G. Kevan, David W. Inouye, Klaus Lunau

Special Issue on Pollination Deficits

Introduction to Special Issue of the Journal of Pollination Ecology on Crop Pollination Deficits PDF
Barbara Gemmill-Herren, Koos Biesmeijer
Pollination deficit in open-field tomato crops (Solanum lycopersicum L., Solanaceae) in Rio de Janeiro state, Southeast Brazil PDF
Mariana Scaramussa Deprá, Geovana Girondi Delaqua, Leandro Freitas, Maria Cristina Gaglianone
Pollination deficits in UK apple orchards PDF
Michael Paul Douglas Garratt, Louise Truslove, Duncan Coston, Rebecca Evans, Ellen Moss, Cassie Dodson, Nigel Jenner, Jacobus Biesmeijer, Simon Potts
The bee community and its relationship to canola productivity in homogenous agricultural areas PDF
Sidia Witter, Betina Blochtein, Patrícia Nunes-Silva, Flavia Pereira Tirelli, Bruno Brito Lisboa, Carolina Bremm, Rosane Lanzer
Forest remnants enhance wild pollinator visits to cashew flowers and mitigate pollination deficit in NE Brazil PDF
Breno Magalhães Freitas, Alípio J.S. Pacheco Filho, Patrícia Barreto Andrade, Camila Queiroz Lemos, Epifânia Emanuela Macedo Rocha, Natália Oliveira Pereira, Antonio Diego Melo Bezerra, David Silva Nogueira, Ramayanno Lopes Alencar, Roberto Felipe Rocha, Keniesd Sampaio Mendonça
Pollination, seed set and fruit quality in apple: studies with Osmia lignaria (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada PDF
Cory Silas Sheffield

Book Review

Review of "Evolution of Plant-Pollinator Relationships" PDF
Stephen L. Buchmann

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