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Bio Statement The Best Action Game On Smartphones With Great Graphics

Nowadays, Games on the smartphone are no less competitive than games on another platform. Many games on the smartphone are designed very carefully in terms of graphics and gameplay and have an incredible plot. It can be said that this is the era of mobile games. 

Here are the top three action games with incredibly beautiful graphics that you must play on your smartphone.




GENKI-HIMES gives gamers a great experience thanks to beautiful image quality combined with a rich gameplay mechanism including many elements such as ARPG, Cards and TPS,making a very creative result.

Most of the characters in the game come with guns in the fight, and through the four skills for each character, there are many moves for you to try out.

In addition to the usual story-based gameplay, there are many different modes which have PvE and PvP for you to try.

In particular, the game does not want the player to use a single character; the game has a card system to unlock and grow characters. During the adventure, players will find a lot of adorable characters; each character has a different fighting style and skills.

Within the system of equipment, skills and fashion, the player will make their character stronger and have a great outlook. The advantage of the anime girl characters and fashion system is guaranteed to help players have an excellent visual experience, especially with regards to the outfit of character.

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AION: Legions of War



The AION Legion of War scene is similar to AION, with the story revolving around a war between two factions, Angels and Devils. Players will join the two wings of Elyos and Asmodian as in AION on PC. 

This is the mobile version that inherits and promotes the best of AION.

Built on the groundbreaking Unreal Engine 4 platform, NCSoft delivers stunning 3D visuals with realistic animations and effects. Thanks to that, the view of the game is also free to change according to each person.

Unlike the PC, Aion: Legions of War is no longer a real MMORPG, but deep into the tactical role-playing genre with the familiar turn-based mechanism. Therefore, the task of the player is to collect a team of warriors and control them in the adventure.

Each character will have special abilities, and you need to harness the power and turn them into invincible warriors. Also, AION: Legions of War also has a variety of weapons and rewards that you can collect and use to counter your opponents by defeating them or completing required missions.

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Durango is built on the latest 3D graphics platform. All the details, from the context or style of character formation, are created with the standard rate and bring to the ultimate reality. 

Not only that, even the interactive effects of light in the game are very true, from the scenes when it is dark to the bright sunshine or the rain showers that blur the vision of the player.

The exciting thing about Durango is that all of the actions of the character will be like humans in real life. You need to drink when you feel thirsty, work will make your character feel tired and hungry and there is much more for you to explore.

Night time is dangerous time, when monsters stalk and you need to learn how to make fire. To explore further, you need to know how to make rudimentary weapons from inherent materials such as branches, stones, metal and more.

In addition to living in a strange world, you also need to bond with other players to create a substantial population, and protect each other against dinosaurs as well as attacks from other tribes.
Also, Durango has used a revolutionary open-world construction system with  numerous locations for players to slowly explore and build upon. It can be said that this is a game of survival in the open world for rather picky players. You have to think a lot before making a decision, not like in other standard games.

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