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david stalan

Bio Statement With countless games already in the world and many more added every day, it becomes hard to keep track of all the good stuff. But if you really had to play 5 games that came this year, we know which ones you should go for.
Here are five of the best games of 2018 that you should be playing right now:
1. Jacksmith

Find the way to rescue the princess
If you are looking for some complex and interesting story, Jacksmith is a game that instantly stands out. The story begins with Jacksmith who is tasked with rescuing the princess from a wizard. But unlike every other game, Jacksmith doesn't go to the fight. Instead, he forges weapons for the soldiers to fight instead. The game is so interesting because it deals with complicated intricacies of weapon building which you are sure to enjoy. As you unlock new weapons, materials, and techniques, you are bound to eventually defeat the evil wizard. This is one of the hot skill games you can play online for totally free now.
2. Bowman 2
Well, you can't deny that bow is one of the coolest weapons. Bowman 2 really proves it with a game that's simple and complex at the same time. As a bowman, you can decide the direction and force behind the arrow you shoot. With this skill, you can decide to go bird hunting. Alternatively, you can duel-to-death with computer/another player in a battle of the archers. Seemingly simple, this game can really make you bite your nails.
3. Motherload

Become a professional miner in this game
The game involves you, a professional miner, who must go underground and find the valuable minerals. However, there are a few things that make this journey dangerous. You cannot mine upwards, and falling through the underground gaps too many times will destroy your vehicle. The fuel is limited, and inability to go up in time will doom you to death. The underground map is randomly generated, so you must think of a new escape strategy every time. Motherload is the perfect game to teach you about Risk-Reward balance. Enjoy these most popular skill games to play online now - All are fun and free.
4. Kingdom Rush
As far as empire building game go, Kingdom Rush is one of the best ones. Across various levels, you must build your empire with defense, troops, and other buildings. Then, you must protect it against invaders, all the while upgrading your empire. Kingdom Rush achieves such high spot because the progression of new assets or upgrades feels just right; neither slow nor rushed. Unlike most other empire building games, you don't have to wait for hours or days for upgrades to finish. Oh, and the sound score is simply awesome.
5. Frog Fraction

Enjoy the game of the year!
How about some stupidity and some math? Frog Fractions is about you, a frog, who must eat the butterflies coming to feast upon the fruits on the riverbank. However, consuming the mosquitoes, who also want the fruit, may prove fatal in large quantities. Also, not eating any insect at all will result in the loss of the fruits, and thus no new butterflies for you. Yeah, Frog Fraction is all about tough choices in life. The premise, despite being weird, will keep you entertained until the end. This game requires gamers with good skills to win all levels. 
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So, it is time to get ready and see how well you fare against these awesome games.

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