Vol. 4 (2011)

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Table of Contents


The breeding system and effectiveness of introduced and native pollinators of the endangered tropical tree Goetzea elegans (Solanaceae) PDF
Marcos A. Caraballo-Ortiz, Eugenio Santiago-Valentín 26-33
Foraging dynamics and pollination efficiency of Apis mellifera and Xylocopa olivacea on Luffa aegyptiaca Mill (Cucurbitaceae) in southern Ghana PDF
Ben Mensah, Andreas Kudom 34-38
Potential pollinators and robbers: a study of the floral visitors of Heliconia angusta (Heliconiaceae) and their behaviour PDF
Katharina Stein, Isabell Hensen 39-47
Resource abundance and distribution drive bee visitation within developing tropical urban landscapes PDF
Victoria Wojcik 48-56
Diversity and pollination value of insects visiting the flowers of a rare buckwheat (Eriogonum pelinophilum: Polygonaceae) in disturbed and "natural" areas PDF
V. J. Tepedino, W. R. Bowlin, T. L. Griswold 57-67
How Pollination Ecology research can help answer important questions PDF
Jacobus C. Biesmeijer, Peter B. Sorensen, Luisa G. Carvalheiro 68-73

Notes on Methodology

Pollinator exclusion devices permitting easy access to flowers of small herbaceous plants PDF
James D. Thomson, Jessica R. K. Forrest, Jane E. Ogilvie 24-25

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